This means that users are able to borrow and lend across multiple chains, and the best money markets, all from one place as well as benefiting from the proprietary features the Concrete Chain provides including liquidation protection and LP rate optimization.

Concrete operates a hub and spoke design, able to operate on all major L1 & L2's but allows users to make orders and actions from within the appchain.


Borrow from any money market on any chain connected to Concrete.


Track and manage loan health in Concrete’s portfolio page from multiple lenders on multiple chains.


Explore and compare rates between money markets to ensure you get the best deal.


Earn Concrete Points for borrowing.


Take out a loan through Concrete, Concrete covers gas costs for the loan.


Protection is deposited in three tranches, meaning that a loan could go over a liquidation threshold three times before Concrete must eventually foreclose it. Each time a deposit is made, a borrower must pay a claim fee.

When a position is maxed out on protection and still heads towards the liquidation threshold, Concrete will ultimately close the position in good standing. Recoup what is owed, and return all residual assets to the borrower.

Crypto is volatile, and liquidations are painful. Concrete eliminates liquidations by using its quantitative framework to provide fully automated position protection.

Purchase protection from Concrete for a small fee, and an automated fixed term credit facility will be deposited in to your position as it approaches a liquidation threshold. Being protected earns Concrete Points.


Vault shares are issued to depositors as ct[asset] tokens and are the foundation for derivative products and secondary markets.

Concrete Vaults become a valuable flywheel, increasing deposits for partner protocols, serving as a gateway for users to receive best-in-class yields, and driving the creation of new markets.

Concrete presents the most frictionless way to accrue the highest available rates of return from the chain and/or sector of a user's preference through Concrete Earn Vaults, powered by ERC-4626.

Concrete Vaults give depositors a variety of strategies that include: Ecosystem "ETFs," Passive Money Market Supply, and Active Leveraged Strategies.

Liquidity from vaults that is inactive or can generate greater returns from protecting liquidations is dynamically moved to protect Concrete borrowers when needed.